Port Process

1. Vehicle Record List 2. Upload data from Kerridge to CarJet a. Shipment Information b. Vehicle Information c. Vehicles at Order status 3. All related Masters 4. Ship Arrival Date update 5. Bayan information including document upload 6. Customs Duty payment including document Upload 7. Green Ticket 8. Port Identified Damaged Vehicles 9. Transfer Out Vehicles from Port To Storage Yard

Transport Administration

1. Transporter Master 2. Transporter Drivers 3. Transporter Trailers 4. Yards Distance Management 5. Yard Route Configuration 6. Transporters Price Management 7. Transfers out Trailer Process 8. Transporters Invoice Register 9. Transporters Invoice Verification

Storage Yard Administration

1. Branch Master 2. Zone Master 3. HATs Master 4. Gate Master 5. Zone Controllers 6. Yard Drivers 7. Yard Driver Teams 8. Yard Drivers assigned to Yard Teams 9. Yard Driver Teams Assigned to Zones 10. Zone Controller task assignments to Yard Drivers 11. Drivers Job Control (Driver Touch screen for job clock on and clock off)

Vehicle Inter Branch Request

1. Vehicle Request 2. Approval Process 3. Sending Branch a. Inspect and Pick Process b. Vehicle Pick Slip c. Transfer out d. Suppliers e. Supplier Drivers f. Supplier Trailers g. Send Process h. Zone Controller i. Drivers Job Control 4. Receiving Branch a. Receive and Inspect Process b. Parking Slip i. Move to Parking Zone if vehicle has no issues ii. Move to Damage Zone if Vehicle has issues at the time of inspection c. Parking Process d. Zone Controller e. Drivers Job Control 5. Garage Invoices for Repair Vehicles 6. Move Vehicles from Damage zone to Parking Zone 7. Supllier Invoice Register 8. Invoice Verification and Post

Vehicle Zone Transfer

1. Zone Transfer Request 2. Approval Process 3. Zone Controller 4. Drivers Job Control

Storage Jobs Control

1. Storage Maintenance Parameters 2. Maintenance Codes 3. Generate Jobs List 4. Zone Controller Assign jobs to Drivers 5. Drivers Job Control 6. Jobs processed log

PDI Administration

1. Zone transfer vehicle from storage to PDI Zone 2. PDI Administration 3. Zone transfer vehicle from PDI Zone to Ready Zone

Credit Approval

1. Credit Approval Request 2. Credit Approval (Work-flow) 3. Customer View 4. List of Earlier Credit Approvals

Vehicle Request for Delivery - Sales

1. Sales to Request Vehicle for Delivery 2. Approval Process 3. Validate with Credit Approval 4. Related Forward Process

Vehicle Delivery Control

1. Delivery Control Approval Request 2. Credit Department Approval Process 3. Finance Department Approval Process 4. Vehicle Registration 5. Final Approval for Delivery

Vehicle Sales Life Cycle

1. Leads Management 2. Vehicle Quotations 3. Sales Order 4. Vehicles Invoicing 5. Credit Controls 6. Delivery Process Integrated with Logistics